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Double Chocolate Veg Tanned Baseball

Double Chocolate Veg Tanned Baseball


Chocolate colored vegetable tanned cowhide that we hand cut and hand dye in house.  Each baseball is sewn by hand using waxed Irish linen thread in a deliciously chocolate color.  

We created these vegetable tanned baseballs a few years ago on a whim and since then they've been one of our top sellers.  It's tough to top a vegetable tanned tooling leather in the looks/feel/smell department.  Being the history fans that we are, this ball is a tip of the cap to many different eras, from the 19th-century-era leather choice, to the modern core, and a few styling nods in between. 

Treat it as you would any fine leather good, with wax, polish.... or spit.  These beauties will burnish to a unique patina with age and use.  Go have a catch.

Hand cut and hand sewn in the USA using premium leathers and materials.  The cores are cushioned cork centers (Major League Spec), so go ahead and knock 'em around.

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