Huntington Base Ball Co.

Fine Base Ball Goods.  Hand Made in USA.

My name is William Peebles.  I am the founder of Huntington Base Ball Company.  When I established the company in 2009, I saw this as the perfect way to blend my personal and professional interests.  Since then, the company has grown in ways that I could only dream about.  

Baseball history has long been an escapist passion of mine.  I love reading and watching old footage of bygone eras.  The early game, from the formation of amateur and professional teams in the 1860's, on into the 1920's has been central to my interests as a researcher.  I've always been drawn to the experimental nature of the equipment, particularly the gloves, and the evolution of the baseball itself.  Researching the progression of an industry as it tried to figure out how to catch a baseball with something akin to a modified gardening glove is riveting to me.

As a trained artist and designer, I have always worked with my hands.  My early interest in painting and sculpture eventually led me to Massachusetts College of Art.  During my freshman year, I was introduced to Industrial Design, a course of study that perfectly blended aesthetics and hand skills with problem solving and manufacturing.  As if that wasn't enough, the studio also had an elevated view of Fenway Park.  What more could a baseball-loving artist ask for?  It was there that I made my first baseball in 1997, on Huntington Avenue, home to world-class art institutions and the first World Series.  The idea for the Huntington Base Ball Company was born.

Everything in our shop is made by hand, one at a time.  Because of the nature of what we do, the quality of our partners and suppliers is of the highest concern.  Our work is not outsourced, and with few exceptions (and only when impossible otherwise), all of our materials are sourced from US vendors.  We take great pride and pleasure in doing our part to support American craft and industry, while maintaining our focus on making top-quality baseball items the same way they were 100 years ago.

We only use original exemplars in our research.  All of our detailed measurements and notes regarding material and construction are taken from first hand observations of the original items.  

From day one, my goal for the Huntington Base Ball Company has been to bring the history of the game back to life through beautifully crafted and game-ready equipment.  Each model is meticulously researched and re-created by hand, using the exacting standards of a bygone craft. This dedication to quality ensures that you will, for the first time, truly experience what it was like to play ball when the game was young. Though beautiful on display, these historic relics are re-created to be worn and used.  Up to the challenge? Try to learn the art of curve pitching with a flat seam ball, or choke up on a 40 oz. bat and hit 'em where they ain't.  

Baseball meets Research meets Craftsmanship.  Hello again.  Let's play some Base Ball!