Huntington Base Ball Co.

Fine Base Ball Goods.  Hand Made in USA.

beautiful, hand made baseballs and accessories.  finely crafted in the USa.

At Huntington Base Ball Co., we are inspired and driven by the many ghosts of baseball past. The smell of premium leather, the heft of a finely turned wood bat, and the knowledge that it was made just for you. We believe in the experience of purchasing a beautifully-made and useful object, and putting it to use in your daily life, on or off the field. All of our fine base ball goods are made by hand in our small shop in Massachusetts with the expectation of delighting your senses and providing you with years of service and enjoyment. Experience has shown us that time and use will only make them better. We'd love the opportunity to make something you will cherish for years to come.


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"born from a lifetime obsessing over baseball minutia"